President Piñera presents the COP25 Chile Citizen Agenda

President Sebastián Piñera presented on Monday the Citizen Agenda of COP25 Chile, which through more than 16 regional festivals throughout the country seeks to mobilise Chileans towards adopting a more sustainable lifestyle friendlier to the environment, in view of the world’s largest climate change summit, which takes place in Santiago in  December.

“We want this Summit in Chile to be something that involves all of Chilean society,” the President said, while participating in the launch together with Environment Minister Carolina Schmidt.

The summit will bring together heads of state and ministers from 196 countries at the Cerrillos Bicentenary Park, seeking to promote greater actions and commitments in the care and protection of the planet.

The Citizen Agenda seeks to encourage the public to take climate action and be part of the change, and will be focussed on 10 priority areas: local and regional governments, schoolchildren and young people, civil society and NGOs, the scientific and academic communities, the private sector, parliamentarians, the workforce, indigenous communities, the media and the world of arts and culture.



“Chile, from the end of the world, calls on all nations and all men and women of good will, to fight together so that climate change and global warming do not end in tragedy,” the President said, starting a clock counting down to the start of the event on 2nd December.

The citizen agenda will be present in all regions of the country with festivals of social environmental innovation in which high-level international speakers will participate and invitations will be made to local authorities, innovation agencies, universities and educational establishments, the scientific and private sectors, and the world of art.



To make citizen efforts and contributions more visible, activities will be in relevant public areas in the main cities of each region and will be broadcast via streaming.

In view of COP Chile 25, President Piñera is promoting progress in the protection of oceans and the Antarctic. Electromobility, renewable energies, the circular economy and the protection of forests, ecosystems and biodiversity. Moreover, on this occasion Chile will lead a greater ambition on climate action, highlighting mitigation and adaptation, as well as collaborating on the creation of agreements that will define the future of the planet.

The commitment with the environment is a moral commitment with our children, our grandchildren and the generations yet to come,” the President concluded.