Volunteer work makes us more human, encourages healthy lifestyles, makes us protagonists in our surroundings and connects us with international agendas like that of the United Nations.

The Presidency of COP25 has therefore joined forces with the National Youth Institute (INJUV) so that volunteers can support the noble cause of the Summit with their talent, time and goodwill, representing the organization and administration of the Summit’s voluntary programme. INJUV will work with a team of motivated trained volunteers from Chile and abroad, with the experience to make substantial contributions in all areas of the event.


Why volunteer?

For the first time, Chile will host this event, to which more than 25,000 participants are expected, and as hosts we are accepting all possible cooperation to help make this global meeting a historical moment for the country. Volunteers are a key factor for events such as these: they are involved in the organization and are a great source of information, they help the participants and create a unique atmosphere in which everybody feels at home.

These reasons make it important to understand the role that volunteers perform in activities such as COP25, which enable the development of collaborative learning spaces and provide theoretical and practical tools that facilitate their training as agents of change.


What do I need to be a volunteer at COP25?

-To have turned 18 by November 2nd 2019
-Cover transport costs to Santiago, if necessary
-Take part in the selection process
-Be available
-Speak Spanish (and ideally English)

Be part of the volunteer team!

You can take part in the pre-sessional activities between November 26th and December 1st, and then in the official negotiations December 2nd -13th.

If you already applied to our volunteering program and you have questions, write to us at voluntariado.cop25@injuv.gob.cl

See the application bases here