If you wish to attend the next COP25 in Santiago de Chile you must arrange your arrival in the country. To this end, we are providing relevant information regarding the visa application process for the different types of passports (ordinary, diplomatic, official, special, service and laissez-passer).

Regular Passport

Visa means a permit granted by a competent authority, affixed in a valid passport, authorizing his/her bearer to enter and stay in a country for the period therein appointed. Steps to obtain the same are taken at the Chilean consular offices abroad especially empowered to such end.

Tourist visa means an authorization or prior registration of a passport granted by Chilean authorities abroad to nationals of countries holding no diplomatic relations with Chile in order to enter the country as a tourist.

Tourist means foreign citizens entering the country for recreational, sports, health, study, business management, family, religious or other purposes, except for immigration, residency or gainful activities purposes.

Citizens of the following countries must apply for a Tourist Visa, to attend COP 25.

Regular Passport

*To the above end, the following information must be taken into consideration

1. What do I need to apply for a visa?
To submit a passport granted by the competent authority in the country of origin, the validity of which is at least in excess of the visa term.

One photo passport (5×5 cm), white background and no legend. The system supports .jpg and .png only.

The confirmation letter issued by the UNFCCC Secretariat, through the Online Registration System.

2. How and where do I file the application?
Enter the Citizens’ Consular Service System (SAC)and fill in the Tourist Visa application form.

The Chilean Consulate in the applicant’s place of residence shall contact you to arrange for a meeting. At such time, the applicant must submit the requested documentation.

Visit the Chilean Consulate with jurisdiction over your place of residence (Chilean Consulate)

3. Where can I verify the status of my application?
You can verify the status of your application at Status

4. Validity
The maximum term is 90 days; however, validity shall depend upon the country.

Once the VISTUR is stamped in your passport, you have 90 days to enter the Chilean territory, otherwise your VISTUR will be invalid.

While your visa application is being processed, you may be requested for additional information.

Important: The Immigration Division of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the agency responsible for analyzing an applicant’s data. During the processing of the application, additional documentation may be requested.



Visa system for countries requiring diplomatic and official visas and to which Chile applies the reciprocity principle

These visas become effective on the date the person enters the country and have a 90-day validity term as from the date issued. Should the visa not be used within such term, it is rendered ineffective and a new visa must be obtained.

Diplomatic and official visas are issued for no consideration.

Diplomatic and official visas applied for a term in excess of 90 days or for multiple entries must be consulted with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Said requests must be grounded.

Consulted visas shall be processed only in the case of visas issued for individuals paying an official visit to our country, as in the case of meetings or seminars.

The authorized Embassy or Consulate may – but is not required to – carry out consultations before granting a diplomatic or official visa, where appropriate.

Granting of diplomatic visas
This kind of visas is granted exclusively for diplomatic passports or Red Laissez Passer (a document granted by the United Nations to the Heads or representatives of International Organizations or high-level international officials).

Granting of diplomatic visas
This kind of visas is granted exclusively for diplomatic passports or Red Laissez Passer (a document granted by the United Nations to the Heads or representatives of International Organizations or high-level international officials).

Granting of official visas
These visas are affixed to official, special, service passports or Light Blue Laissez Passer (a document granted by the United Nations to international officials).

Visa system for countries holding visa Exemption for diplomatic and official passports either under bilateral agreements or international reciprocity.
It must be noted that most visa exemption agreements subscribed to date exempt individuals from the visa requirement to enter Chile and stay in the country for up to 90 days.

Visa exemption under strict international reciprocity or reciprocal international practice was implemented and has been observed for several years now. According thereto, Chile and other countries apply such exemption to diplomatic and official passports. The holders thereof may stay in the other country for up to ninety days.

In the case of holders of Red or Light Blue Laissez Passer granted by the United Nations, as well as European Union Laissez Passer, their nationality prevails for the implementation of Visa Exemption or International Reciprocity Agreements.

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