Arriving to Santiago

From the airport to the hotel: taxis and shuttles companies are available at the airport.

Santiago do es not have a metro station at the airport.

Car rentals are also an option – rental agencies have counters at the same place where the taxi and shuttle companies are located.

A stand with information will be available at the airport.

Arriving to Santiago

At the city

Once you arrive to the hotel from the airport, you will be able to use public transportation which are called “Red Bus” for buses services and “Metro” for the subway.

The BIP card is the only payment method to use Santiago’s public buses and the subway.

Each visitor will be able to receive a BIP card with enough credit to use the bus and metro during their entire stay in Santiago.

From your hotel to the Venue

The fastest and most recommended way to commute from your hotel to the Venue is by Metro.

The Venue will be located 5 minutes, walking distance, from Cerrillos Metro Station (line 6 – purple color).

Depending on the location of your hotel, you can take a local bus, walk or take the Metro until Los Leones Station. From there you can take a direct subway train until Cerritos Station.

Special bus routes are going to be provided for COP25, witch will mostly start from specific points of Santiago to Los Leones Station.

Parking will be available for delegations and participants using private transportation.

From your hotel to the Venue

From the Venue to your hotel

For late departures from the Venue, special transportation services and schedules are going to be coordinated – local buses, Metro extended schedules, and taxi services.

For those who leave the Venue during the aftermath schedules of the Metro, buses and taxis will be available to take visitors to the main hotel areas of Santiago.