Green State Programme commits all state organisms to sustainable development

President Sebastián Piñera and Environment Minister Carolina Schmidt, Ministers, authorities and representatives of the Legislative and Judicial powers signed a commitment in which all state organisms will adopt a sustainable environmental policy that will help care for the planet and mitigate the effects of climate change.

“Starting with the State, we can make a very substantial change in the way in which we care for our planet, encouraging good environmental practices,” said the President at a ceremony at the Moneda Palace.

The Green State programme aims for public institutions to incorporate good environmental practises such as better waste management, more efficient use of water and energy, the promotion of the use of sustainable transport, reduced use of paper, the encouragement of recycling and of sustainable acquisitions, among other initiatives.

The public organisms that are part of the programme will form a ‘Green State Committee,’ made up of directors and employees of the organisms and which will supervise the advance of environmental goals and will cooperate so that they are successfully implemented in the programme.

An accreditation process will furthermore be developed to certify that the entities develop sustainable measures. This year almost 30 public entities with 12,000 employees will join the programme. By 2022, 140 public institutions are expected to participate in the initiative