COP25 Presidency team

Team that will work hand in hand with President Sebastián Piñera includes an Executive Committee made up of the Presidency, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Finance, Imagen Chile, the Communications Department (SECOM) and three Coordinators.

This first part of the team will work closely with the COP25 President, the Environment Minister Carolina Schmidt, who in turn will have assistance from:

A COP25 Presidential Council made up of His Excellency the President of the Republic Sebastián Piñera E., Carolina Schmidt, Minister of Environment (COP25 President), Susana Jiménez, Minister of Energy, Roberto Ampuero, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Andrés Couve, Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Ricardo Lagos, Former President of the Republic, Eduardo Frei, Former President of the Republic, Guido Girardi, President of the Senate Environment Commission, Catalina Pérez, President of the Chamber of Deputies Environment Commission, Jorge Bermúdez, Comptroller General of the Republic, Karla Rubilar, Santiago Regional Governor, Pablo Badenier, Former Minister of Environment, Germán Codina, Puente Alto Mayor, Arturo Aguirre, Cerrillos Mayor, Gonzalo Durán, Independencia Mayor, Felipe Alessandri, Santiago Mayor, Mónica Zalaquett, Undersecretary of Tourism, Sebastián Sichel, Corfo Executive Vice President, Jordan Harris, Network of Municipalities Against Climate Change, Maisa Rojas, Scientist, Director of the Center for Climate Science and Resilience (CR2), Alfonso Swett, CPC President, Imagen de Chile, Constanza Cea, Imagen de Chile Executive Director, Chantal Signorio, Puerto Ideas Founder and Director, Jonathan Hertzfeld, fiiS Founder and CEO, Imagen de Chile, Leonardo Maldonado, Ciudades+B General Manager, Ricardo Bosshard, WWF Chile Director, Maximiliano Bello, Senior Officer of The Pew Charitable Trusts conservation unit, Flavia Liberona, Fundación Terram Executive Director, Andrés Antivil, Lonko Kilapang Corporation, Andrea Rudnick, former Head of the Climate Change Office, Ministry of Environment, Alejandro Ruiz, Senior Minister of the Environmental Court of Santiago, David Sandoval, Senator, Senate Environment Commission, Sebastián Torrealba, Deputy, Chamber of Deputies Environment Commission, Sebastián Álvarez, Deputy, Chamber of Deputies Environment Commission, Sebastián Vicuña, Director of the UC Global Change Centre, Mónica Retamal, Imagen de Chile, Álvaro Fischer, Imagen de Chile, Claudio Seebach, Chilean Generators Association President, Giovanni Calderón, Sustainability and Climate Change Agency (ASCC) Executive Director.

A Committee of Ministers (Ministry of Environment, Energy, Transport, Finance, Agriculture, Mining, MOP, Economy, Defence, Housing, Science, Women and Education).

These committees will collaborate with the Presidency in the development of public policies associated with Climate Change and in the definitions regarding the implementation of regional Citizen Actions related to the COP25.

Each one of the members of the team are fundamental pieces for the successful development of the Conference, which will also have the collaboration from the COP25 Presidency Coordinator, Andrés Landerretche, the content Coordinator, Rodrigo Olsen and the Coordinator of the event, Cristián Varela with their respective teams. A key figure at this summit is the COP Champion Gonzalo Muñoz, TriCiclos Co-founder and CEO, South America's first certified B Corporation.