Ministers seek over 1,000 volunteers for COP25

Environment Minister Carolina Schmidt, Social Development and Family Minister Sebastián Sichel and INJUV national director Mirko Salfate have announced the application process to be part of COP25, from the 2nd to the 13th of December. Being a volunteer is a unique opportunity for anyone wanting to be part of the world’s most important climate summit, which will be held in Chile.

Environment Minister Carolina Schmidt said “because climate action depends on us all, today we are calling for people to sign up to the COP25 volunteer programme. We need more than 1,000 volunteers to be part of the most important climate summit in the world. We are convinced that this is a great opportunity for a unique involvement in what is a key theme in today’s world.”

COP25 is an ideal space for the development of voluntary work, which creates social capital, makes access to the job market easier and strengthens the development of aptitudes for civil society. Therefore the National Youth Institute (INJUV), with technical assistance from UN Volunteers and financial support from the EU through its Euroclima programme, will recruit and be responsible for training the team of Chilean and foreign volunteers. Through giving their talent, time and goodwill to this great cause, the volunteers will make substantial contributions to all areas of the event, which seeks to involve the public in climate action and make the public participants in the process of global transformation that we need to move towards sustainable development and increase the urgency and levels of ambition, and achieve Chile’s carbon neutrality by 2050.



Social Development and Family Minister Sebastián Sichel said that volunteering “is a way of showing the world that we Chileans are committed. We have to take individual actions in our homes, it’s about how we behave regards the environment. As a society we are a large community that gets active and fights against climate change, and COP25 is the big chance that we have. For the elderly, disabled people, the young, people who are committed to the idea of becoming active and registering in and finally joining this fight, which is not of States, governments or companies but of everyone and for everyone, volunteering can be the force that drives citizen activity in COP25.”

INJUV national director Mirko Salfate added that “the young are the generation that is pushing hardest the agenda of protection against climate change. This is why we value opportunities like this, which enable us to connect with other volunteers from all parts of the world, to share experiences and connect with international agendas as powerful as this one.”


What do I need to be a volunteer at COP25?

  • To be over 18 on November 2nd, 2019
  • To pay for your travel to Santiago
  • To have the time available
  • To speak Spanish (and ideally English)

Volunteers’ duties

  • Receiving participants at the airport
  • Giving directions and information at metro stations and hotels
  • Assisting in registration and accreditation areas
  • Assisting the press and communications team, and in conference rooms
  • Checking and issuing documents and headsets
  • Assisting with logistics and IT, among other areas


  • A unique experience in being part of the event
  • Certificates for the time in training and in volunteering during the event
  • A volunteer kit
  • Meals and a transport subsidy for the assigned times and days
  • Accident insurance during the assigned times and days