Our citizen agenda arrives in regions

As part of the launch of the COP25 Citizen Agenda, the Region of Valparaíso, together with the Regional Environmental Advisory Council, chaired by the Environment SEREMI Victoria Gazmuri, together with La Semilla Foundation, the Viña del Mar National Botanical Garden Foundation and the Viña del Mar Municipality, held the “II Regional Interactive Environment Fair” with a focus on climate change.

The launch of the regional COP25 will start different activities to be held within the region, such as experimental workshops, seminars, fairs and a festival.


More than 40 educational establishments, universities and institutes from across the region are expected to participate in this Citizen Agenda. Participating establishments will cover themes such as recycling, waste disposal, biodiverse allotments and taking care of the planet.

Participating establishments come from the districts of San Felipe, Viña del Mar and Puchuncaví.

Other participating establishments such as NGOs, clusters, companies and universities will cover themes such as recycling cigarette butts, recovery of grey water, electromobility and other proposals for the protection of the environment.

During the ceremony, authorities and participating students will be able to pledge “I PROMISE TO FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE”, a written commitment next to a painted handprint that will be on a banner at the entrance to the fair.