The figure of the Champion was created in the Paris Agreement and its role is to advise the presidency of the COP to spread its messages of ambition and climate action by participating in activities, commitments and exchanges of high national and international level.

The Champion of COP25 is Gonzalo Muñoz Abogabir, then CEO of TriCiclos, winner of the Circulars 2019 international prize, known colloquially as the «Oscar of the World Circular Economy», which annually awards the World Economic Forum, in Davos.

Gonzalo is an expert in environmental management, member of the New Plastics Economy advisory panel at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation; Co- founder and CEO of TriCiclos, first Certified BCorporation in South America; National Award for innovation in the environment (AVONNI) 2011; Environmental character of Chile (MMA) 2012; Social entrepreneur of Chile (Schwab Foundation) 2013; Entrepreneur Endeavor since 2014; World Economic Forum Social entrepreneur of the year 2015; Global Responsible Leader (BMW Foundation) 2016. General Manager, leader in sustainability Chile (ALAS20) 2016.

«In this role I hope to help mobilize the climate action of all interested entities -cities, companies, investors and civil society- to facilitate the approach of these parties to the agenda and sense of urgency that governments, scientists and non-state organizations bring to the COP25.

In my capacity as Champion, I will work to achieve a real commitment from the business community that allows for real and urgent changes in the short and medium term in the spirit of promoting the climate agenda from the private sector. In this way, and together with the political leaders, we hope to ensure that the results of these commitments are implemented successfully. Today we know that we are in terms of sustainability at a point of no return. We can not fail».

The Minister of Environment of Chile and President of COP25, Carolina Schmidt, with the Champion of COP25, Gonzalo Muñoz Abogabir, Circulars 2019 award.


The Champion COP25 will advise the presidency of the COP to disseminate our messages of ambition and climate action and will represent us in the spaces of the United Nations to carry out this task at a global level. We are proud of the appointment of Gonzalo Muñoz, given his trajectory and his capacity of link between the public sector and the private sector, in order to generate the alliances that allow us to move more quickly towards a low emission economy and resilient to change climate», said Minister Carolina Schmidt, President COP25.