Cerrillos Park covers approximately 30 gross hectares + 10 net hectares for a capacity of 25,000 people. This site is the former Santiago international airport and has tremendous potential: Excellent connectivity, location and size to accommodate a World Class Event Center.

The COP25 Venue will guide visitors to the heart of the summit, bringing official delegates to the Blue Zone and the rest of the public to the Green Zone.

Blue zone: the conference area where negotiations take place.

Green zone: area where side events at the Conference are carried out, separate from the negotiation processes.

In the latter sector, Chileans will participate in this unique citizen's event thanks to the public-private partnership to show the country's innovation and commitment to fight climate change.


Santiago Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport /Nuevo Pudahuel is 20 minutes from the city center.
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Public transport:
The Metropolitan Mobility Network RED, Santiago's public transport system, integrates buses, the subway service Metro and MetroTren Nos fare systems, making travelling easier. These three travel modes use a single payment system: the bip! card.
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Santiago has a 32,000-bed capacity, according to data from the Tourism Vice-Ministry.


Foreigners who wish to visit Chile, must request a tourist visa for recreation or similar purposes. This visa is granted to foreigners who intend to visit Chile for a certain period of time for recreation or similar purposes.
Nationals from the countries with which Chile has Tourist Visa Exemption Agreements are exempt.

Check if your country requires a Tourist Visa (VISTUR) in the Visas and Tariffs Chart (ongoing update).

Who is eligible?
The following are to be regarded as tourists: all foreigners entering the country for purposes including recreation, sports, health, studies, business, family, religion or other similar, without the purpose of immigration, permanent residence or development of remunerated activities.

What do I need to apply?
Hold a passport issued by the corresponding authority of the country of origin, valid for longer than the visa application period. Four passport size photographs without name or ID Number.
Proof of creditworthiness during your stay in Chile.
Letter of invitation from a natural person or a company in Chile.
Hotel reservations if you do not have a contact person in Chile.

• The fulfillment of the above-mentioned requirements does not guarantee the granting of the visa.
• During the processing of the visa application, additional information may be requested.

How long is it valid for?
The maximum period is 90 days, however, it will depend on the country. For more information, check the maximum period per country in the Visas and Tariffs Chart (ongoing update).

General information

In order to enter Chile as a tourist, the following must be taken into account:

Visitors coming from countries with diplomatic relations with Chile

To enter Chile, tourists must check in at the International Police control by showing their identification documents (either identity card or passport) and stamped visa (depending on the country of origin).

• Tourists from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru may enter the country with their identity cards or equivalent documents.

• The International Police Office provides a duplicate form called "Tarjeta de Turismo" (Tourist Card) when entering Chile. This card is personal and non-transferable and is valid for 90 days, renewable for another 90 days. The copy must remain in the possession of the tourist during his stay in the country and must be shown to the International Police upon leaving Chile. The validity extension for the Tourist Card must be requested at the Immigration Office of the regional government closest to your place of stay, and if you are in the city of Santiago, at the Assistance Office of this Department, located at 1223 Matucana Street, Santiago.

• To enter Chile as a tourist, you must prove creditworthiness.